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Johnny, where do I start. Wow, love the banjo! Amazing sound. The SLIDES! Cripple Creek never sounded so good It's an absolute work of art, thank you very much. Richard, The Shetland Isles. U.K.

Beautiful banjo, as nice as any modern minstrel banjo I’ve seen. Flatfoot Johnny has been so great to work with. He is totally open to input in the building process and his integrity is beyond reproach.
Thank you so much for this wonderful banjo.

Graham, Oregon. USA.

I love it and I play it almost everyday and it's always a talking point when I take it outside for a play. What I really love is that it's a one off bespoke instrument. I know I'm the only person in the world to have it and that makes me very happy... Calvin, London. U.K.

I've been playing with my new guitar and I have to is fantastic! The weight and tactile quality of the instrument is superb. It is extremely responsive and beautifully resonant. The sound is bright and sunny yet possesses a depth that is unexpected and supremely welcome. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you so much!... Joe, Montana, USA.

A charming, quirky and wonderfully musical little instrument that makes people smile... Russ, London. U.K.

My cigar box guitar is not only a joy to play, it is also a work of art. Flatfoot Johnny goes that extra mile to produce a quality instrument unique to you... Paul, Loughborough. U.K.

Its a beauty! Sounds great too, huge deep voice just like a gourd should have, and plenty of volume. Favourite tuning so far is key of a, c#AC#EA, easy to sing with. You did a great job. Chris, London.U.K.

Love it! It sounds like old earth and old wood, and the music of very old trees on a dark night in the fall and in a pleasant forest along the Appalachian Trail. John, NY. USA.

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent banjo. It's getting played everday, I am starting get to grips with the fretless action, and it sounds great (the banjo, not necessarily my playing) - lovely plunky, slightly hypnotic sound. Looking forward to many more hours of play. Keep up the good work! Craig, Kent. U.K.

I stumbled on the Flatfoot Johnny website while trying to find out more about fretless banjo's having heard them being played on the Web but struggling to find one in the high street music shops. John built me a five string mountain banjo regularly updating me with the progress and accompanying pictures. He built it from carefully selected recycled timber including some lovely walnut veneer on the neck and the end result is a completely unique one off mountain banjo that feels and looks like a work of art.
It instantly makes me smile every time I pick it up and the sound and feel of the instrument opens up creative doors that I did not know existed!
There is a freedom about playing a fretless that you just don't experience when playing a fretted banjo. The quirky 'off kilter' eerie eccentric sound is at the heart of their charm and you feel like you've been transported to some Appalachian homestead amongst like minded souls gathered round a pot bellied stove sharing old world secrets. Everybody should have one in my opinion - if you have a leaning for eccentric skulduggery then you need one!!

Cheers, Pete. Lancs U.K.

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