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Tunbridgeware banjo?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I'm fascinated by old English banjos. I especially like how they differed in style from the American instrument. Tunbridgeware was a style of decoration using intricate wooden mosaic to create patterns and motifs on all kinds of wooden goods. A style that came from the town of Tunbridge Wells, Kent and its surrounding areas. The banjos very rarely come on the market and when they do they are generally out of price range so i decided to make something that was influenced by the style.

Although not strictly Tunbridgeware this banjo uses several motifs that ive seen on other banjos, i also decided to use the lyre peg head shape for that extra piece of old world weirdness.

It has a stained sycamore neck with various pieces of wood marquetry on the fingerboard, the pot is walnut and it has a Remo head.

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