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3 piece walnut neck with maple centre strip and ebony heel cap and purfling. Carbon fibre tension rod. Ebony fretboard. 12" diameter x 3" stained maple pot with ebony rim cap and rose wood tone ring and purfling. In house, hand made raw brass hardware lightly aged. Stained calf skin vellum. Ebony peghead overlay with house sparrow (Sprugee) inlay. Wenge back strap. Gold plated Gotoh machines.


This is the first of my new line of open back banjos, and its my personal one.  The walnut, ebony and rose wood are all from reclaimed sources. The brass hardware was designed and made in-house and the bracket shoes were cast a couple of miles from my workshop using recycled brass.


I designed this banjo to try to capture those lovely low end tones. The big 12" wide and 3" deep pot does just that. The slightly shorter scale means less tension on the strings when tuned to G and I have to say its a joy to play (i dont usually blow my own trumpet like this but im totally in love).

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