1920s Tunneled 5th string English banjo


This banjo had no neck angle, the fretboard was very dry and crumbling away. It also had a slight bow in the neck (when i got it, it had steel strings fitted)


My plan for this was to adjust the neck angle, restore the fretboard and re-fret, cut in a frailing scoop and polish the pot.


After repairing the cracks and chips and then treating it to some well deserved oil the fret board looked as good as new. Unfortunately after playing if for a couple of weeks I realised that the neck bow was too much to put up with. So after various attempts at repairing whilst keeping the original fretboard. I decided the only course of action was to plane flat and replace it. This i did with a piece of walnut and a maple - walnut - maple stripe underneath. I also cut in a bigger frailing scoop to allow for the thumb action.


Fitted with Nylgut strings and a home made pine bridge this banjo is now loader and sweeter than ever.

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